BOM Oh My God Lip Lacquer 4g thumb
BOM Oh My God Lip Lacquer 4g thumb

BOM Oh My God Lip Lacquer 4g


14.96 / 12.80 / 1,141.12

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Categories : Lip Tint,ETC,New Products


-Long Longlasting – The color is not only maintained while coloring but also lasted long after fixing.

-Strong Coloring – A strong pigmentation with visible and vivid color on the lips.

-Waterproof – The OMG Matt Lip Lacquer is 100% waterproof

How to Use

1. After filling the inside of the lips with the BOM OMG Matt Lip Lacquer, blend the lips naturally several times.

2. Using a cotton swab or finger, swipe to avoid breaking the border.

– For full-colored pigmentation

1. Use the tip to draw a lip line.

2. Gently spread the entire lips with the wide side of the tip.

3. Wait for Lip Lacquer to dry completely. (20 ~ 30 seconds)

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