HERA I Glow Me Brow Fixer 5g thumb
HERA I Glow Me Brow Fixer 5g thumb
HERA I Glow Me Brow Fixer 5g thumb

HERA I Glow Me Brow Fixer 5g


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Categories : Makeup,Fixer & Mist


Naturally fixes the eyebrows as though it is coating each textured brow

It enhances the texture of the eyebrows with a natural sheen and provides hold for enhanced dimension and a gorgeous look

Creamy gel type formula

It smoothly glides over the eyebrows and provides hold to create a natural yet better defined look.

Once the formula dries, enhanced texture of the eyebrows will last a long time.

How to use

- Pick an adequate amount of gel type formula using the applicator and brush in the direction of hair growth.

For a more elaborate look, add another coat to the eyebrows using the tip of the applicator.

- Shape the eyebrows first using BROW DESIGNER AUTO PENCIL for more natural, satiny eyebrows.

- If the applicator is stained with other powder or color makeup products, lightly clean it using a tissue to keep it clean.

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