K-Packet Fee Change Notice

[mbk] mgr 06/26/2020 02:00:25 AM

Dear customers,

Charges for K-Packet services have increased due to international mail treaties.

The following is the notice from the post office:

1. (Small Package) According to the Universal Postal Union (UPU) treaty, postage increases are inevitable if you attach a barcode for international postal clearance, send customs clearance information to the destination country in advance, and increase the delivery rate.

2. Postage increases for some countries to reflect increased delivery rates in the destination country

** Important

1. As Corona 19, which started in China in January 2020, has spread to many countries, it has been suspended due to difficulties in transporting mail due to flight reduction and measures to prevent spread by country.

2. The fee adjustment on July 1 reflects the cost increase due to the revision of the international mail treaty, and is not related to the suspension.

3. We will do our best to minimize inconveniences caused by cancellations, such as securing alternative transportation to major countries.