ROUNDAROUND Cactus Room Scents [Billbery Cactus] 1ea thumb

ROUNDAROUND Cactus Room Scents [Billbery Cactus] 1ea


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Cactus Room Scents [Billberry Cactus] - Green fruity floral scent

Like a cactus flowerpot, creating a special atmosphere on the desk

It is not just a common stick, but a cactus-shaped gypsum stick with a function of diffuser and green interior effect

A little friend on the desk, small cactus shaped green diffuser

#02 Honeybunny Cactus

How to use

Remove the cap, insert the wood ring, and insert the cactus gypsum reed into the container. As per the feature of the gypsum reed, it takes 2-3 days for the dried diffuser solution to absorb to the end and to become completely smelt.

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