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Lirikos Age-Over Marine Ampoule Refiner 100ml


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Categories : Skin Toner


Contains all the precious ingredients of the ampoule, the noble energy in the sea

Skin care that delivers to the skin for healthy skin

Through the key ingredients of the ampoule, wrinkles and elasticity

“Skin care with ampoule” that solves with herbal medicine

Contains the core ingredients of the five ampoules of the ampoule's famous Lyricos

Age-Over Complex™, which combines the core ingredients of 5 ampoules, professionally solves wrinkles & elasticity skin troubles.

Skin care with different water containing 43.2% deep ocean water

The active ingredients of the ampoule are effectively delivered to the skin with a different skin care based on deep ocean water.

Wrinkle & elasticity expert proven through a total of 43 human application tests

Age-over skin care proven through human application tests provides excellent wrinkle & elasticity improvement ability to make your skin healthy and young.

How to use

After cleansing, pump the contents 1~2 times, spread it out, and gently massage it for absorption.

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