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Edit or cancel orders

Sometimes you have a mistake in your order, or you want to change a product.

It's easy to simply cancel or change your order, but the steps are not easy because of the international billing system and the international shipping system.

Order cancel and refund

If you want to cancel an order that is under way and you're ready to ship, please use the message center on my page. You can create a new request.

(Click 'Ask a question' for new issue)

Select the order number and select "Order Cancel or Refund or Product Replace" as the question type. Just fill in the details and save. You can get answers from missBeautyKorea's Customer Center.

Partial order cancellation or refund

Same as cancel order and refund. Create a new issue for your order.

Exchange of items

Same as cancel order and refund. Create a new issue for your order.


Fundamentally, we will issue a refund at the customer's request. The refund will be one of the following:
Credit Card Cancellation, Paypal Refund, Bank Transfer, give My Points

If the refund is incurred, the customer will bear the cost.

If cancellation is not possible

If delivery has already begun, we will not be able to cancel your order

Denial of receipt

If returned due to rejection, refund will be made except for shipping cost

Customer Exemption

If missBeautyKorea is responsible for cancellation and refund, all costs will be borne by missBeautyKorea and the compensation will be processed according to company policy.